Sunday, June 13, 2010

To my fellow Emmett lovers. I have done you a great disservice. I have seriously dropped the ball on this blog. I came out of the gate with a wonderful head of steam, then got wrapped up in a few other projects and this one fell to the wayside. Well, thanks to Tazzy over at Tazz's Twilight Obsession lighting a fire under my ass I will do my very best to return to posting all things dedicated to our favorite Cullen kid!

What I need from you is help. I would really love someone or someones to join me in this pursuit. I am looking for someone to become partners and/or co-producers of this site. To come up with ideas, stories, information, etc. A graphics person would be great too! Anything goes!!!

A lot of great Emmett stories have been published lately thanks to a growing interest in the man we have always loved as well as a contest or two featuring him. If you know of any other great Emmett sites or contests coming up, please feel free to pass that information on so I can include it on here.

Thanks for all your support so far and I will do my best to post more!  Luv you all!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 Questions for AddictedtoTwilight79

Hello all! Time for my Twitter buddy and fellow Emmett lover, AddictedtoTwilight79, to answer 10 questions from the Proust Questionnaire. These are some of the other questions not used by James Lipton.

AddictedtoTwilight79 has graciously provided me with a plethora of great Kellan/Emmett pics that will be proudly displayed on this sight for some time to come! Also, she is a fellow writer of Poly-slash featuring our favorite guy and I will be Rec'ing her story in the next couple of days! So...without further ado, here are her questions...

WHEN AND WHERE WERE YOU HAPPIEST? I think I would pick on my wedding day and my honeymoon. Followed a close second by Prom.  I can remember smiling so much for both occasions, my face hurt.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST OBVIOUS CHARACTERISTIC? Loyal.  I'm the person my friends go to if they need to tell a secret.  They know I would never tell anyone.

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE FICTIONAL HERO? Batman, I have a thing still for Michael Keaton in the bat suit.

WHO ARE YOUR REAL-LIFE HEROES? My Grandma Sunshine.  She had six kids and after she had her first, she was diagnosed with Polio in her right arm.  She learned how to write left handed, and was the person all the neighbors brought their kids to for babysitting.  She is in her 80's now and she still keeps herself busy doing laundry and reading.  My mother is my other hero.  She raised me alone till I was 10, and she did a heck of a job.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST TREASURED POSSESSION? My pictures.  Especially the ones I have of my Grandma and Grandpa when they were younger.  You can't ever replace those.

WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST EXTRAVAGANCE? Going to the movies, and buying movies.  I've been obsessed with movies since I was little and luckily my husband deals with my ever growing DVD collection.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE JOURNEYBeing a mom and watching your children grow every day. 

WHAT DO YOU MOST DISLIKE ABOUT YOUR APPEARANCE? I have Eczema and whenever I get stressed out (which is a lot), or stressed (happens alot too), I get a really bad rash.  Everyone asks me if I was attacked by a cat.  That would be the thing I dislike the most.

WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER THE MOST OVER-RATED VIRTUE? Wow, I think you might have stumped me.  I guess beauty, the reason being is it comes in all different ways.  There is no real label for it, since one person may see someone as beautiful, while another person may not.  If this doesn't make sense I'm sorry, but it was my first choice.

WHAT DO YOU VALUE MOST IN YOUR FRIENDS? Honesty and loyalty.  It's hard these days to find friends you can tell anything to, and know they would never spill the beans.  It's even harder to find ones you can trust to be honest with you, weather it be about what your wearing out to dinner, or what your writing in a story.  I've been lucky enough to find one or two though.

Thanks AddictedtoTwilight79 for doing this for me! 

Don't forget to checkout and follow @ebookbenefit on Twitter to see how you can help organizations who help victims of abuse of all kinds.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

10 Questions for Carlisle's Girl

Got a idea. I love watching "Inside the Actor's Studio". The questions that James Lipton asks his guest at the end are simple yet very telling sometimes. He borrowed them from French TV personality Bernard Pivot who pulled them from the Proust Personality Questionnaire. Lipton uses the same 10 questions, but there are a whole list of them. I would LOVE to ask these questions, 10 at a time, to my fellow Emmett writers and fans. For my first attempt at this, I stuck with Lipton's 10 questions and asked them of one of my FF'n besties, fellow perv and contributer to this blog, Carlisle's Girl!

What is your favorite word? Goober
What is your least favorite word? NO
What turns you on? eyes, arms and back
What turns you off? teeth
What sound or noise do you love? thunder
What sound or noise do you hate? nails against a chalk board
What is your favorite curse word? <
evil grin> fucker
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? travel agent? LOL
What profession would you not like to do? garbage man
If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? You did good kid, now lets party..

I plan on doing this once a week. Are you willing to answer a few of these and open yourself up just a little for the fans? Please let me know and I'll send you some questions. Otherwise, be expecting me to hound you until you do!  LOL

Don't forget to visit to see how you can help out victims of violence and read some great stories at the same time!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Emmett Checks In

Hello Ladies! I was just having a little chat with Froggy and thought I would check in with y'all too! First of all, Froggy says she's sorry for not posting in a while. Real life is picking up a little since her step-daughter and fellow vampire lover has moved in. Plus, she's been working on a few of her stories, including one for Definately Staying's e-book benefit (more on that in a little bit) and she's trying out her hand in a RP family. She's just one busy chick. But she still always makes time to show me her love in a few different ways,

Also, I want to show you all some love. Actually return your love. You all are amazing with your stories, communities, blogs, tweets and all that. Even though I know I'm totally irresistible, I still can't believe the things y'all write and post about me or have me doing sometimes!  Keep it up! I especially love all the sexy, dirty, nasty things I seem to do in y'alls minds. Makes a boy proud! AND if you write or run across anything especially spectacular about me and want it posted, just send it on to Froggy. She assures me she'd make sure it makes it on here! She also would love for some of y'all to do some posting and guest recommendations too!

Now, on a TOTALLY serious note. Definately Staying is organizing and publishing an e-book that will benefit causes that aid victims of abuse in all of it's forms. The estimated release date is Memorial Day Weekend "in honor of those lost in acts of hatred and violence".

Here's why we are doing this:
Matthew Shepard, just 21, tied to a fence and beaten into a coma, left there to die just because he was gay.

James Byrd, Jr, 49, beaten and chained to a truck to be dragged behind it causing his brutal death just because he was black.

Brandon Teena, raped and shot in the head because he was transgendered.

Countless women raped and murdered simply for being women.

Children beaten and abused with no hope of finding help without an adult.

These are not acts of God, they are not illnesses, they are brutal, violent PREVENTABLE acts.

We can help to prevent them through legistlation and education, and help the victims of these horrific acts by just getting people to contribute.

So, if you would like to help out, donate any amount to a cause that helps victims of violence such as:

Please go to  and follow  for all the details on this project!

SOOOOOO....that being said, keep showing the love ladies. I love you all and can't wait to see what else you have in store for me!!

Love, Emmett aka. Monkey Man

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

'T' for Tuesday Reccomendation: Time Will Tell by December Jinx

Still tweaking the ideas for this site, I decided that since today is Tuesday, I would rec a story beginning with 'T'. This one is Time Will Tell by December Jinx. This story is sooooo different. The author sums it up perfectly:

It's an Emmett/Bella romantic fantasy in which Bella and Jasper travel back in time to help Alice. They accidentally end up in 1935 and encounter a human (and still incredibly attractive) Emmett. Bella and Emmett share an immediate mutual attraction...but where will it lead? How far will they go? And how will their new relationship affect their futures?

I LOVE this human Emmett. Hell, I love all versions of Emmett, but this one is all the things we love about him (currently w/out the Vampire pluses). He's sweet, sexy, a tad bit innocent and chivalrous. At this point in the story, we can see some heartache (albeit hopefully temporary) so I find myself wanting to scream at him to go easy, but I still love the direction our two lovebirds are going. And of course I love the sexiness!

"Is all of this for me?" He asked, running his finger between my flesh and the edge of my black lace panties.

I nodded, his pupils were fully dilated leaving only a small amount of blue iris visible. He looked so much like vampire Emmett right now, I sucked in an unnecessary breath.

"Mmm," he hummed as he returned his attention to my mouth.

He deftly moved my panties to the side as his finger found my dripping folds. "And this," he said as he broke the kiss, "is this all for me too."

I was panting into his ear as he moved his finger against me. I clutched his body to mine, shamelessly arching my back so I could press against him.

He stopped moving his finger as he pulled away from me, pausing to look me in the eye as his sexy smirk appeared. "I asked you a question."

Oh God, this was part of my punishment. He was so going to win this one.

"Yes," I finally managed, mewling as his finger began moving again. "I've been like this all night." I sounded breathless and wanton. I was nearly naked, standing in front of Emmett, but I couldn't bring myself to feel embarrassed.

"You're lucky that I didn't know." He said seductively as he dipped his head to my neck, kissing the space where the column of flesh met my shoulder. "I would have taken care of you earlier at the fair." He plunged a finger inside me and began circling my sensitive nub with his thumb.

My breathing became ragged as my head flung back against the wood door. My hips were moving in time with Emmett's hand and I was on the verge of my first climax when he stopped.

"Turn around, put your hands on the door…high." What was he doing? I was about to go mad with desire. Was he serious about the punishment or what?

I did as he said, catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror to my right. I could see the shameless desire clearly written on my entire body, my back arched, my hips still moving in an effort to entice Em.

I watched him in the mirror as he moved against me, his hands grasping my hips as he pressed himself against my bottom. His erection was obvious. He released one of my hips to squeeze my breast, pinching the nipple through the black lace material, causing me to gasp with desire.

"These panties are even better than the ladybugs," Em spoke as he continued to hold my breast, rolling my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. I smiled, silently thanking Alice for making me buy the cheeky booty shorts. They weren't a thong, but they didn't have full bottom coverage either. They were undoubtedly new to Emmett, and he clearly loved them. He would occasionally release my hip to run his hand across my nearly exposed bottom, only to return his hand to my hip and pull me against his erection.

"Tell me what you want Bells." He pinched my nipple again as he finished speaking, causing me to moan and arch my back against him. He certainly wasn't playing fair. I could barely think, nonetheless form a coherent sentence.

"You," was all I could manage. It would have to be enough, damn it.
I looked into the mirror again. Emmett was smiling as he pumped his hips against me.

"Me?" he asked in mock sincerity. "Where do you want me Bells? Hmm?" He squeezed my breast again, pulling the fabric down to expose my taut nipple, pinching the already pebbled skin. "Here," he said into my ear as he kissed my neck, "or here," he asked, plunging his other hand down the front of my panties, rubbing his fingers against my clit. He continued pumping his hips against me, pressing his fingers against my clit with every push as his other hand pinched and twisted my exposed nipple.

I felt my orgasm looming, building like a storm inside me. I removed my hands from the door, placing each of my hands over Emmett's.

"Please don't stop, Em. Please, please…" I was begging, I heard myself begging, even saw myself begging in the mirror, but I was too turned on to care. Seeing us together was making it worse, and I came against Em, nearly falling to the floor as my orgasm hit.

He caught me before I could fall, holding me against him as my breathing slowed. He slowly released me and I turned my flushed face toward him.

"You have on too many clothes," I said as I reached to unbutton his shirt. He smirked at me again as he kicked off his shoes, lowering his height just a bit as he stepped out of them. Despite his lack of shoes, and even with my heels, Emmett's frame towered over me. I always felt so small around him.

I continued unbuttoning his shirt with my shaking hands as he unbuttoned his pants, pulling my eyes down to his obvious erection. It occurred to me that I'd never seen Em naked, and that tonight I would be up close and personal with every part of his anatomy.

He pulled my lips to his own as I unfastened the last button on his shirt. I pushed the material from his body as we kissed. I moved to kiss his neck, then his chest, drawing out a hiss as I licked each nipple with the flat of my tongue. I moved to kneel in front of him, but he caught my elbow, effectively pulling me back up and into a brief but searing kiss again.

"Nuh-uh," he said with a ragged breath. "Ladies first." He moved to back me up toward the bed but my confused expression made him stop.

"But I just..I thought it was your turn?"

He chuckled, a very masculine chuckle, "I'm not finished yet," he kissed me forcefully, plunging his tongue into my mouth to make his point. "When I am, if you still want to, I'll be more than happy to oblige."

He smiled as he continued backing me toward the bed, alternating between kissing my lips and neck, and I nearly came undone at the sound of his southern accent.

My knees touched the edge of the mattress, and I felt Em reach down to feel one of my garters.

"As sexy as this is, it has to go," he spoke against my mouth before ducking down, trailing kisses along my abdomen. He gently unhooked the garters from my hose, removing the silk stockings and heels with ease before he unbuttoned the garter belt and dropped it to the floor beside the bed.

He stood back up and softly pushed me onto the mattress, climbing on top of me and claiming my mouth yet again. He ground his erection against my mound and I moaned at the contact. His hand slipped behind me, unhooking my bra and slipping the straps down, exposing my breast to his view. He tenderly licked and sucked on the bare flesh, driving me into a near frenzy with is tongue. He continued his downward descent, pulling on the black lace panties still clinging to my hips.

I tensed for a brief moment. I'd never been laid bare to anyone before, and it was a little unnerving.
Emmett stopped and looked up at me, his expression asking permission to continue. I nodded, lifting my hips to help him remove the lace. Once naked, he rocked back on his haunches to look at me.

"You're beautiful, Bella." He leaned down to kiss me, and I smiled against his lips. He made me feel special, loved. I never considered that I wasn't good enough for Em. He treated me like an equal in every way, and I loved him for it. For so many things, really.

He moved down my body again, situating himself between my legs, forcing me to open them to accommodate him. Before I knew it, he was kissing my inner thigh, preparing me for what was to come. He stilled his motions, and I raised myself up on my elbows so I could look at him.

Apparently, he wanted me to look at him because once he had my attention he eagerly sought out my already sensitive clit with his tongue. I closed my eyes, my head lolling back involuntarily as he licked and sucked the sensitive bud. I reflexively rocked my hips against Em's mouth, seeking even more contact with him. He plunged one finger inside my dripping passage before slowly adding a second, stretching me. I could feel my orgasm building again and I rocked my hips against Em's talented mouth, clenching my muscles around his fingers as I came, screaming his name.

I am very much looking forward to seeing how these two end up together in Bella's Present/Emmett's future. This story can go in so many directions it's going to be fun to see where December Jinx takes us!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Story Recommendation: Consent to Release by HoplessRomantic79

Admittedly, this is a recycled rec I wrote for the P.I.C blog. But I LOVE the story and she has continued it so I want to bring it forward again! 

I am thrilled that Nikki asked me to rec a story for the P.I.C. FanFic Corner site, but I had a hard time finding one that wasn't already covered. Seems a lot of us have the same tastes in stories. But I found a recently written one-shot that isn't on the list and I'm happy to be the one to recommend it! It fits my first major requirement for a great story...Emmett!!!

I don't know how HopelessRomantic79 got into my head but she managed to invade it and pull out my perfect man: a geek (more specifically a software guy), built, glasses, COOKS and although he's quiet in the real world he's a Dom in the bedroom! I couldn't ask for anything more than that.

In "Consent to Release", Emmett and Bella are a fairly typical married couple. She's a cop, he works for a software company. They come home, cook dinner, talk about each other's know typical stuff. But somewhere along the line they came to the conclusion that they enjoyed the freedom that taking on a Dom/Sub relationship brings. She didn't have to be the authoritative figure with him and he could let loose of his shy, quiet side and become "well, a stud". 

They, like many part time lifestyle couples, don't have an extensive playroom but have learned to effectively use what they have and can make themselves happy in just the play.

Bella broke one of Emmett's major rules. She pleasured herself without his presence or permission. All of her orgasms belong to him, plain and simple. So he proceeds to show his displeasure in her outright disobedience...

“Isabella, I can see that you’re wet and swollen. Is it possible you’re looking forward to your punishment?”
I bit back a moan. “N-n-no, Sir.”
I gasped with a start as he slapped my pussy lightly, making sure to brush against my clit.
“Don’t lie to me!” he growled. “You’re such a naughty girl, Isabella. Only bad girls want to be punished. Only bad girls get punished.”
I inwardly smiled, knowing I was the only “bad girl” he’d ever really had acquaintance with. This had been a first for both of us.
“Yes Sir,” I replied.
“Open your eyes,” he said and I slowly opened them, meeting his hard gaze in the mirror before us. I could see that his pants were strained already and that he’d taken off his shirt. His muscles rippled as he walked slowly behind me, pacing like a predator that had just cornered his prey. I wanted to whimper at how sexy he was at this moment, when he was in his element.
“How many strokes should we say, Isabella?” he asked. “Twelve? Fifteen? What will make you remember that this,” he reached between us and cupped my heat, “is all mine?” He dipped a finger inside me and I wanted to gasp at the feeling but then it was gone and I was left aching for more, knowing it probably wouldn’t come any time soon. “Every orgasm belongs to me, Isabella. I’m the only one who tells you when and where to cum. On my fingers… on my face… on my cock…”
I shivered. This was the only time he talked dirty to me and I relished every minute of it and he knew it.
“So you will count the strokes,” he said. “I think twelve will be enough. And if you are good, I will give you a reward. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”
I nodded; my eyes half-lidded with desire. I was dripping wet and he was not making things easier for me, especially if he didn’t want me to cum right away.
I could see him grab the soft leather paddle from our closet. It was the easiest of our supplies and I knew that he wasn’t entirely angry or too serious about the paddling. In fact, it was entirely possible he was going to go easy on me and make the spanks pleasurable for me.
Whap! I guess not. The paddle came down hard on my ass and I yelped a little in surprise.
“One!” I shouted.
He soothed my ass in between each swat and his hand felt heavenly in comparison with the paddle. By the time we reached twelve, I was a whimpering, moaning, wet mess, and I could barely even hold up my head.
“Get up, Isabella,” Emmett ordered and I knew better than to disobey him. Besides, this might mean I get my reward! Somehow, I managed to flip myself over on the ottoman and sit up on my sore ass. I’d have to ask him to rub it down later, not that he’d forget. He was such a good Dom, and husband, for that matter in that way. He always took care of me.
“Do you understand now? Will I need to punish you again?” he asked.
Probably, I thought.

I HIGHLY recommend this story!! Anything with Emmett works...but geeky, hot, Dom Emmett?  TOTAL GOLD!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Dr. Cullen's Love Shack put out a series of bunny ear pics and I just had to share this one!  Don't ya just love it? :-)

Anyway, HAPPY EASTER to all!